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Greenville, SC
Direct response copywriter and marketing advisor

Time-tested, conversion driven copywriting

More often than not, you don’t need cutting-edge code or fancy animations to sell your product or services. A gilded, diamond-studded website won’t win you sales if your message is butter-knife dull.

And if you’re just repeating everything your competitors are saying, you might as well run for the hills!

You’ve got to be better, stronger, and faster…

“Copy is not written. Copy is assembled.”
-Eugene Schwartz


Trained by the best 

Areas of Focus

  • Health & Supplements
  • Fitness
  • Survival & Prepper
  • Financial

Trained by Copyhour and mentored one-on-one by the top copywriter at, Hoplite Media is dedicated to delivering you the best copy on time.

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